...And it just kept growing

Established in 2013 in Bellwood, Illinois, a suburb west of Chicago, our mission received such overwhelming support from the community that we quickly outgrew our initial location. In 2014, we moved to the historic Maywood Armory in neighboring Maywood, Illinois, which provided us with a much needed 25,000 square feet of interior space and 10,000 square feet exterior space for our growing inventory and lumberyard. Our warehouse serves as a natural outlet for the reusable building materials that are either donated by owners, or recovered by our deconstruction partner, BlueEarth Deconstruction, and we are excited about the chance to give these great materials the chance at a new life!

The Reuse Solution

We are part of the complete reuse solution for the built environment.

We believe that given the option, everyone would prefer to preserve and reuse building materials rather than send them to the landfill. Our goal is to make the environment-friendly choice easy by taking care of as much of the donation and tax deduction process as possible.

Through our programs, we can:

Help reduce your taxes and disposal costs through tax deductible donations.

Bring better housing to more families.

Provide everyone with a better environment.

Our Mission:

To keep reusable building materials from entering the landfill. We are able to do this by promoting environmentally friendly deconstruction over traditional demolition, thereby saving the embodied energy that went into the making of the original building materials. These materials are then harvested from our deconstruction sites, brought to our warehouse, and offered for sale to the general public at a fraction of their original cost.

Together, Reuse Depot Inc. and Blue Earth Deconstruction work to provide you a tax-deductible donation method for any size donation of reusable building materials that we are able to accept. No donation is too large or too small for us to consider. From a kitchen or bathroom sink that is no longer needed to a full house deconstruction, we have the means and methods to assist you through your tax-deductible donation.

A Better Way To Build.

With every renovation or demolition of a home or commercial property, there is a considerable amount of building materials that are unwanted by the owner, that's where we come in. We work with owners to accept these materials as a donation and get them back into use again. We also work with our deconstruction partner, BlueEarth Deconstruction, to ensure that every inch of a property has the chance to be considered for reuse. Visit us today and find the hidden treasure for your next project!

What is Deconstruction?

Much of our inventory comes from our partnership with BlueEarth Deconstruction.

Deconstruction is the environmentally friendly alternative to demolition, in which skilled crews carefully dismantle a structure by hand, preserving the building materials in a usable state and keeping them out of the landfills. These materials are brought to our warehouse, where they are cleaned, organized, and made available for purchase and reuse!

Are you planning on rebuilding or remodeling your home? You may not want your old building materials, but there is still a lot of potential value in them, and our partner BlueEarth Deconstruction can usually salvage up to 85%! Your unwanted building materials will have a chance to be reused, rather than thrown away, and you will receive a tax-deductible donation receipt for their full value. Find out more by visiting the BlueEarth Deconstruction website.